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Marine Insurance

1. Marine Cargo Insurance
2. Marine Hull Insurance
Marine Cargo Insurance:
Goods or commodities during transit are vulnerable and susceptible to loss or damage due to various causes, such as Breakage, Moisture, Water damages shortages and short landing theft, pilferage, Non-delivery.A standard set of “Institute Clauses" is normally used to cover 'general cargo' which includes manufactured goods, machinery, hardware and most consumer goods. Coverage is subject to Institute Cargo Clauses A, B, & C. as well as Inland Transit clauses which covers risks during transportation over land.
Marine Hull Insurance:
Marine Hull Insurance provides cover against risks connected with navigation, to which a ship or other insurable interest in water born movable property may be exposed during a certain voyage or for a fixed period of time.A standard set of "Institute Time Clauses-Hull" is normally used to cover commercial vessels. Coverage can range from 'Hull & Machinery' and Total Loss as per institute time clauses depending upon your insurance requirement and risk evaluation. Coverage is on an Agreed Value basis.
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